The UK Insurance Forum's MID Initiative is a proposal to effect a more efficient and cost effective motor and commercial vehicle recovery process for all concerned, through the prompt use of the MID database for police and Highways Agency attended accident scenes, and vehicle recovery situations which is supported by a number of key UK based insurer's and fleet management companies.
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The Motor Insurance Database Initiative

The MID Initiative...

... a simple operational procedure proposed by motor insurers for use by the Police and Highways Agency to use at accident scenes by the officers in attendance, or by their call centres, to

  • control recovery and storage charges
  • cut out claims farming
  • reduce personal injury referrals
  • stop credit hire exploitation
    These are all prime reasons why motor insurance premiums continue to increase and the MID initiative offers a solution by controlling claims costs.

What is the Motor Insurance Databse

The Motor Insurance Database (known as MID) is automatically accessed via the Police National Computer (PNC) by a police officer or Highways Agency traffic officer attending at the scene of a highway incident.

The MID Initiative proposal is that insurers and large fleets populate the Motor Insurance Database within the existing 50 digit PNC field, whereby they provide the contact details of their nominated national vehicle recovery provider or their control centre.

Police Car

Police authorities and, in England, the Highways Agency have the statutory power to remove vehicles involved in road traffic accidents. If the owner has been injured, or for any other reason is unavailable to give instruction on his preferred recovery arrangements, the police will invoke statutory powers and instruct one of their network of contracted vehicle recovery operators (‘Police Contractor’).

Alternatively, if the situation dictates the police may organise the creation of a contract between the owner and the Police Contractor’ where the charges are not limited by law (commonly referred to as an ‘owner request’).

This is often the case with a motorist, who will readily accept the officer’s recommendation as he naturally has no knowledge of his insurer’s preferred arrangements.

In both scenarios, the insurer is taken out of the communication loop and has no control over the vehicle recovery operation and its associated costs. The inspiration of the MID Initiative is that the owner’s insurer or insurer nominated vehicle recovery service can be contacted from the incident scene, and recover the casualty vehicle and assist the vehicle passengers.

The information which would be populated on the Motor Insurance Database under the MID Initiative would simply constitute a standing owner request, as if the insurer was present at the accident scene and making that request on behalf of, and assisting the policyholder.

The MID Initiative is considered to offer benefits for all parties involved within the recovery of accident damaged vehicles which are managed through the Police authorities or the Highways Agency.

For example the MID Initiative would;

  • allow the insurer to be able to provide a better claims experience and possibly faster claims service to their policyholder
  • free up the Police authorities or the Highways Agency accident scene management time and potently reduce the cost of managing their own recovery scheme
  • reduce the insurers costs which are associated with Police authorities or the Highways Agency accident scene recoveries as they would not have to make duplicate payments for multiple recoveries (the initial recovery and then subsequent recovery to their repairer or salvage agent)
  • it would generate revenue for HMRC Treasury

To find out more about the MID Initiative and the use of information from the MID, please visit the following website sections...

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